2021 Annual Conference

Join us this July as we worship, grow, and learn simply together.

Conference Info

This year’s conference will be held July 13-16, 2021 in Edmond, Oklahoma. We are very excited for this year’s conference.  

Conference History
1984 Dallas, TX Ron Harris
1985 Orlando, FL Ron Harris
1986 Houston, TX Ron Harris Doug Price
1987 Orlando, FL Wayne Johnson
1988 Ft. Worth, TX Ron Harris
1989 West Palm Beach, FL Duncan Dodds
1990 Anaheim, CA Duncan Dodds
1991 Ft. Worth, TX Bobby Reynolds RTVC
1992 Orlando, FL Bobby Reynolds Wayne Johnson
1993 Dallas, TX Dan Perryman Brad Parker
1994 Charlotte, NC Dan Perryman Brad Parker
1996 Mobile, AL Brad Parker Butch Blassingame
1997 Houston, TX Butch Blassingame Jeff Young
1998 Memphis, TN Butch Blassingame Jim Barnwell
1999 Orlando, FL Jim Barnwell Steve Smith
2000 Branson, MO Jim Barnwell Chris Chapman
2001 Nashville, TN Jeff Young Justin Diel
2002 Atlanta, GA Jeff Young Ron Lambros
2003 Dallas, TX Steve Smith Stephen Martell
2004 Williamsburg, VA Steve Smith David Powers
2005 Kansas City, MO Stephen Martell Steve Cowart
2006 Ft. Myers, FL Stephen Martell Hank Garner
2007 Anaheim, CA Steve Cowart Dave Kalahar
2008 Austin, TX Steve Cowart Steve Martell / Russell Hartsfield
2009 Orlando, FL Steve Cowart Scott Link
2010 Brentwood, TN Dan Norton Steve Smith
2011 Dallas, TX Wes Hartley Wes Hartley
2012 Tampa, FL Wes Hartley Jimmy Moore / Jay Strike
2013 Memphis, TN John Patterson Jim Barnwell / Steve Cowart
2014 Dallas, TX John Patterson Bryan Bailey
2015 Omaha, NE Jimmy Moore Dan Norton
2016 Nashville, TN Jimmy Moore John Dyer
2017 Naples, FL Bryan Bailey John Patterson